Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quest que cest? fa fa faf a fa f fa a ff aafafafar better

Today my mischievous little pup ran out of the house when greeting my dad at the door. This behavior isn't out of the ordinary as he is a bit of a loose cannon, which why I often sing the song psycho killer by the talking heads to him, except switch the word 'killer' with 'puppy.'

Anyways after he did this, he ran off to a house a couple doors down with a huskie that's always tied up in their garage with the door half open (ahem, rude). I knew this was troublezz because our very untrained Ralphie aka Ralphalfa always barks passionately when passing this house/dog (which gives me the feeling there may be some beef over chickitas and/or bone thugs-n-harmony.)

When my sister brought him into the house she told me shit went down with the huskie and he and falfalfa had gotten into a tiff. I went to pet him I noticed he was shaking and bleeding near his eye!
Both my mom or bro weren't home --by default making me the most loved by Ralpha outta the family members left-- so he was pretty compliant when I trimmed the fur around his cut and tried to clean his wound. I handled it so well, it occured to me, if I had not been allergic to cats and find the concept of birds trapped in cages horrible, I may have made a pretty decent vet. Minus doing gross surgery.

Anyways, when my mom came back Ralphy loved her but mostly came up to me to be pet and to play. Seoo suffice to say the main goal of my voyage back to Canadia has been achieved and now my puppy probably loves me the most in the family. Woop wooh. Of course completing uni was second on the list of goals.

Monday, August 24, 2009


1. Director of Photography -Poor Match
2. Motivational Speaker -Fair Match
3. Clergy -Fair Match
4. Director -Questionable Match
5. Acting Instructor -Fair Match
6. Image Consultant -Fair Match
7. Art Director -Fair Match
8. Costume Designer -Poor Match
9. Corporate Trainer -Fair Match
10. ESL Teacher -Fair Match
11. Artist -Questionable Match
12. Special Effects Technician -Poor Match
13. Announcer -Fair Match
14. Actor -Good Match
15. Comedian -Fair Match

NO "extremely good" matches!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ex oh ex oh

I'm noticing a weird trend in people writing messages or blog posts and then signing them with a dash and the first letter of their name.


Like so. Except my first name doesn't start with an A. Its all part of my elaborate scheme to stay anonymous.

One would think it caught on from Gossip Girl, yet I'm finding majority of the people I see doing this are of the male gender.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Six Questions of Socrates

I'm in a summer rut.. All I seem to be doing is making "to do" lists, trying to grasp some sort of foundation in philosophy through silly watered down books I borrowed from the library, and listening to Candy by Paolo Nutini on repeat. Occasionally I watch reruns of Freaks and Geeks on tv or watch youtube clips of Russell Brand and wonder what it would be like to be friends with him. But thats about it.

I feel like I should be establishing some sort of talent or developing ideas and experiments to build myself a future full of CREATION.