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Monday, May 25, 2009

Britains Next Top Model

my cousin just asked me if i specifically go through the channels and choose stupid shows then force myself to watch them as some sort of a challenge.

Friday, May 22, 2009

the national -> all the wine = ultimate, 'just finished an exam' song

WOOP. I finished 2 of my 4 potentially life altering exams yesterday. One exam was worth 100 percent of my mark and the other 70. Yikes.
AKA its time to go out and celebrate. So I did.

OK so background info- at a Motown bar (which is the best kind), dancing, etc.. ok:

I had to go to the bathroom, so I go downstairs, and there are two doors. I look at the first one, and it does not look like a woman. Usually the woman's dress is accentuated to symbolize, 'hey this is me, I am a woman and I wear skirts, come pee here.'

So I go to the next door, which has a buncha stickers over it. By process of elimination I decide this is the womans bathroom and go in.

Its weird in there. There are only 2 stalls, and no mirrors. Im a bit perplexed but, whatever, soooo yeah I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for almost 5 minutes, trying to look under the stall to see wtf is going on .....and then a BEARDED MAN comes in HA.

He looks at me and quickly turns around and leaves (thinking he had made the mistake), BUT no, he turns back around to face me.

I say, "Umm.. wait is this the mens bathroom?"
He replies, "err yeah....."
"Oh.. Woops"

Once I got into the womans bathroom life made sense again, there were lots of mirrors, and millions upon millions of stalls. I guess in retrospect that weird metal looking thing on the wall was probably a urinal, but it seriously didn't occur to me because I just thought it was a new wave hand washy fountain type things hahahahaha HEY I'm not frequently exposed to urinals so, its possible you (if you are a female) would have thought the same thing.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

POW: tribute to some fwends via the united kingdom

Meet Sara (no 'h')

She swears an awful lot.
Her mom says, "I hope you aren't getting into the wrong crowd"
Sara is the wrong crowd.
Exhibit A. steals wine opener in Italy. Tisk tisk. But at the same time, GOOD CALL.
Exhibit B. Waterbus blagger in Venice & real bus blagger in Florence.

She taught me the phrase "Pash Rash"--when you M.O. with someone with a beard
I taught her the phrase, "you're the boss apple sauce," but it doesn't rhyme when she says it because of her Aussie accent.

She is a frequent practitioner of unnecessary text messaging to boys. She has no fear of running the risk of looking like a crazy. We should all not learn something from this.

Speaks fluent French when drunk.

She said, 'who is this band, theyre good.' I said, 'THE NATIONAL-AKA FAV BAND.' --aka Sara and I are now in love.

Says things like, "im quivering with anticipation."

Didnt bring any form of technology with her to England, seoo, when busy not studying, can often be found between the hours of 12-3pm in the same computer clusters at the downstairs the Parkinsons building.

Has never been to the library.. Except to take out a book on my behalf. P.S. Thanks, I returned it on time.

When watching 'Pink Floyd- Live in Pompeii' at our lovely couch surfers place in Italy, I said, 'I just wish I could dive into that magma.' She said, 'I just wish I could dive into those colors.'
Hers is way better.

She survived the Roma Earthquake of '09 with me.
We also survived being stood up by a creepy couch surfer in Florence. Weird.

She wears thermals. ALWAYS. Its too cold for her in any country other than Australia.

Her dog is named Boosh. After the Mighty Boosh.

We met whilst watching Scrubs, which coincidentally was foreshadowing for Rome, where our two couch surfers turned out to be the Italian equivalents of JD & Turk... Filippo & Marco haha

Can be found in a leather jacket and a plaid scarf. She may or may not be wearing her traveling hat depending on the distance of our journey.

Has been to China and France.

See you in Africa Sara. But otherwise, see you in Hamburg, Budapest & Co., and Spain. Or in twenty minutes for a pint?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i woke up and had the strangest urge to do this dance.

then after watching this vid 3 times, i got side tracked and started watching this

and then realized i was only on the computer to wikipedia the structure and function of grass. My course is really interesting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

thug life

so the other day i saw this guy with the word L-O-V-E tattooed on his knuckles annnd now all i can think about is what happens when he punches someone.
why the word love?
its like when people tattoo their names on themselves... they're planning for an inevitable identity crisis or something

anyways this spurred me to look at knuckle tattoos and yeah, found some truly inspirational stuff:

yah don't say

this boy is a keeper.

never give up friend.


I just put this pic in for anyone who was thinking about getting "knuckle tats" and needed an idea. Kewl font too.

i hate eggs&hams(in)nations .........examinations

the cheese i bought on sale did not work out well.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

one thing i did today (4luke)

Today I was walking to school and I saw some flowers. I said to myself, hmm if I was a flower, what flower would I be? I WANT to say daisies because Meg Ryan said that daisies are her favorite in "you've got mail." She says they are "the friendliest flowers." BUT mostly I just want to be associated with that movie because sometimes I wish that I too owned a childrens bookstore that went under because of a stupid impersonal big bookstore corporation called FOX (f-o-x). It would give me another reason to hate The Man whilst -in an ironic twist- I chat with him via old school AOL dial up internet connexxionnesss (its french, dont worry about it).
Anyways after thinking about this for a good 2 minutes I realized the fate of my hypothetical situation has already been decided. Duh 'saffron.'

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Click the link.

I woulda posted the vid from youtube b/c i think it would encourage yall to actually look but the resolution etc etc is much clearer if you just click this link instead:

Monday, May 4, 2009

i know we suffer for fashion orrr whateverrr

Do people really like what they say they like/love&live? Or is it all just for fashion?

It just annoying when I meet people and am completely disappointed by them and their lack of actual real passion in what they claim to love&live.

And I mean, I don't care if you aren't into what's fashionable (eg: electro music), or just have a slight interest or EVEN, oh hey that songs good, its catchy, I like it...But to act like it (whatever it may be) is your whole entire meaning for existence or something... is kinda ridiculous.

But then again, it could be because I'm in Leeds which is a major student town where the people are quite trendy. Theres no 'hipster' here. Its more like.. people just dresses that way because its whats in style. Sidenote, 'vintage stores' have seriously cashed in on this, charging 20 bucks for a shirt you could find for 4 from value village.

I think where the confusion lies, is that from what I'm used to seeing in Canada, -- as horrible as it sounds-- listening to indie music CAN come with a look.
Here, (some bars atleast) its kindof like people dress indie-ish/hipster-ish, cus its trendy, then say they like indie music, also for fashion.

I have been to quite a few bars with really good music& a good crowd, but I have a funny story that has to do with what I mentioned above.

So I go to a so-called indie bar andd umm they were playing pretty crap stuff. Like.. Oceans Avenue by Yellowcard from when I was 16 or something... So I got sick of the blast from the past and asked the DJ to play Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Cus hey, lets be honest, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a crowd pleaser and they are pretttty popular, so I was confident with my request.. "Date with the night" comes on, I look around and about 4 people are screaming "WOOP!!" in excitement. The rest who, were previously singing along to the oldschool poprock music just looked confused. Heavily tattooed, and confused. Hahaha, it was really strange.

Don't worry Yellowcard, I still be "sleepin all day and stayin up all, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight"