Monday, December 29, 2008

"___(blabla)___ more than the average bear."
has anyone heard this saying?
i have.
The first time is when my friend and I were having a deep and serious convo and she said,
"I know I cry more than the average bear but ___(bla)___"
...I just burst out laughing.. I was completely puzzled and amused by her statement, especially considering the solemn nature of our chat.

I heard it again today when my cousin used it. I asked him to elaborate, and this was his response:
"Stephen Colbert says that bears are the number 1 threat in America, so they are quite relevant as a reference point"

...on a side note, when I was in Banda Aceh in Indonesia on the island coast, a sun bear came and snatched a chicken from our neighbors like ten feet away from us. Seoow weird... Are bears the number one threat in Indonesia?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

jolly voyage off to ol'blighty

what will happen when i go to england in January?
a.) run out of money
b.) love it and never want to come home
c.) find my place in life (aka career prospect)
d.) fall in love with an indian boy in medical school (ahahahhahaahahahhaahahahahaaaa no)
e.) all of the above

I cannot imagine another semester at the same university... Maybe I have ADD or something because i just am so bored of it all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

give me your eyes, i need the sunshine

I hate surface talk. Its the worst during the break when you see your famjam/cousins etc.

like, I've had some great convos, but the worst are the ones where they drill you on your school life, what you aspire to be, whyy you are in the program you are in etc. Its like being in a job interview except without the excitment. Its just so redundant.
Me and my sister always joke about it, so we've decided to start making stuff up.
Shes pretty smart, my sister. Whenever someone asks, she says, "I wanna be a fire woman." The person laughs (clueless to whether shes serious or not), and inevitably drops the subject. ha its completely perfect.

But honestly. Can't stand surface talk. I mean I get, it. Lets all be polite etc. I just wish peeps would ask me more relevant stuff, stuff that actually defines me. Like, who is/are your idol(s). What are your top five bands/artists? If you could either live in L.A. or New York, which would you choose? When its hot, and you are driving in your car, do you turn on the AC or open the windows? Do you like rollercoasters? What is your very favorite thing about winter? (other than candy cane ice-cream ofcourse).


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i've decided to be more brown.. er indian. It hit me after i randomly started humming a tune and, in the midst of trying to figure it out, came across this vid of madonna (FROZEN)... hahaha remember this??

Anyways. I'm pretty sick of my mom calling me a "coconut" i felt way more attune with myself when i was in Malaysia this past summer.. there's just a totally different energy there. Way more relaxed, mmm and everyone just seemed really content. Doing whatever really. But on the forreals, there were like temples everywhere. And mini temples inside people's shops and in front of their was really interesting. (ya i took this photo, wadup)

I remember I told this to my Buddhist friend from England who was also in Malaysia with me for a bit. His response was kindof annoying, but somewhat true. He said,--(in a really posh british accent)-- Yeou peopow, buoy yo mini Buddha stachews to furnish yeo homes because it makes yeo feel "zen," das not what its abouut, yeou see wot im sayinnn??

I think I'm ACTUALLY gonna become spiritual. I just dono where to start...maybe get a tattoo? (hahahaha)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dont mean to go all angelina jolie on yo ass but:

christmas. (or seasonal holiday).
time to spend w/ 'da fam'
time to be gluttonous
time to love, and be loved, fall in love and feel good about love, watch movies about love (love actually) with your loved ones.
time to "give" (w/ money and "spirit")

try oxfam unwrapped.

it rules.

Monday, December 8, 2008

delta is the new mainstream

rakhee: mmm okkervil'z sound is kinda mainstream sometimes eh
peter: you always say mainstream like its a genre, mainstream isnt a genre
rakhee: hahahhahaha you're right



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Love Actually

all i want for christmas is for arcade fire to play in my garage while i drink peppermint tea.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bless my lips with your Sunlandic kisses.

i know you've prob already heard the new album by of montreal (skelatal lamping duhh) but i just cant get over how much i heart it.

pitchfork hatez it. but i say, eff you pitchfork. of montreal rulz.

if you want examples of horrible somewhat recent albums that peeps were all zuper zpzyched for, listen to the one by kings of leon (only by the night) or bloc party (intimacy). those new albums suck.

O.K. FINE, Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? is better. but love is love. and i love of montreal no matter what.

just like metric. i really hope the new metric album is good... WATCH THIS!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Starry Stairs

some peeps just aint who you think they are
isnt that the saddest realization? and its kinda a blow to your self-deemed amazing perceptive skills
too bad i cant write scripts fer everyone in my life... although that prob wouldn't be so great.
kinda like if you were given the ability to read peoples minds. ... what if peeps just ain't as great as you thought they were on the outside? OR what if they don't think about anything at all, except fer stupid things. it would be such a let down to know your sold your soul to read peoples minds, when all they think about is how to make a turkey sandwich. (with mustard, duh).

maybe i should drop outa school and be film maker. i hear thats the way to go these dayz

Sunday, November 23, 2008

blackberries are taking over the world

black berries/berrys (???) whatever. Anyways they are taking over the world.
-black bees are the new phones4the future
-30 rock is the new the office
-leggings are the new pants (4 women onli)
-robots are the new humans
(robots = peepz on their cellulars chillin n playin with their appz + peepz plugged into their ipods)
-on that note, big head phones are the new little earbud headphones
...OH and on a personal note, for me espesh, yellow peppers are the new green peppers

ALSO, i think cigarettes are making a come back. Peeps are so "stressed" these days.