Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holidays

Christmas is definitely more toned down in Beijing, but we refuse to let that stop us from celebrating our brains out.

Exhibit A

Recently, Emily decided it would only be appropriate to get her nails painted Christmas inspired colours. After much deliberation on sparkles/non sparkles, she settled on alternating red and green nails. At the last minute she enthusiastically chose to throw in one more colour; white on her middle finger.

pinky - red
ring finger - green
middle finger - white
pointer finger- red
thumb - green

She was very pleased with her 60 kuai ($ 10 CAD) manicure and scurried off to have dinner. Amidst a sea of drinks and rice, Chris, a dear friend and avid sports fan chuckled and said, "Emily, why did you paint your nails the Italian Flag?"


Merry Christmas Emily. Ciao.