Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Confused

Every time I am forced to listen to the ludicrously repetitive and anti-climatic art form that is hardcore electronic music, I want to hurl into a brown paper bag. Then throw that bag at the closest shirtless male who would inevitably be bopping to it with one arm extended into the air.

Times have changed. When Pink Floyd experimented with electronic music, we got amazingness. Today, the only thing we get when experimenting with electronic music is alcohol and american apparel.

AND another thing: I dislike the label 'electronic music' because its thrown around quite a bit and I have NO idea what people are actually talking about.

Are they talking about influences on a band? Like Handsome Fur's Face Control album?

Are they talking about the Christian Cross..? Or the mister craft..master of crafts?..MSHTRUKFRT???

Or are they talking about the dreaded hard core intense (?)dance(?) music played at large clubs, where you are unsure when the tempo will change, so you dance and sing along (if there are words instead of beepy robot sounds) in this "safe" way --sans extra arm flings or dance embellishment in fear that you may get the next part WRONG?

I'm Confused.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

its quality not quantity (duh)

I decided to facebook clean.
I wonder how many of my "friends" are actually frivolous.
So far 10 people whose names start with an A.

Do people take offense to this? I'm always wary when deleting people because I get the feeling they either
  • a.) think I really hate them to have gone through all the trouble of deleting them, espesh when its supposedly cool to have tons of fb friends.
  • b.) --for ex's--they think I might super love them and that it tears me up inside to see they're lovely faces and read about their feelings and blooblooblabla.

Effort = care (?)

Dunno, cus like.. Its really not that much effort. You just press 'x'
Its actually rather gratifying knowing you will never have to see another emo note from a someone who is still going through an identity crisis.

Anyways I vow never to talk about fb again. It seems to be taking over the world just like the blackberrys.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I had probably one of the craziest night of my life last night in Madrid. The streets were PACKED with people, essentially it was like going outside and walking into a club.
I loved it, and the people we met at the hostel were so key. SO key. Loves travelling. Loves me some aussies. I think I´m going to move to Australia.

On another note, I forgot how much i missed travelling with Sara. We are huge morons together and feed off each other´s idiocy. For instance, we had a serious conversation about what life might be like if TIME was in a different currency. Oh and this conversation:

"Take the metro or bus? Both look a bit confusing"
"Metro, we are such seasoned travellers, we´ll sort it out"
"Totally seasoned.. like salt and pepper"
"Don´t forget the Garam Masala"
"OHHHH man, we so gots some Garam Masala on us"

Friday, July 3, 2009

O Canada

So I'm going to Spain on Saturday for lik 5ish days then Paris for 4 days. After that I have 3 days back in London with my family before I return to CANADA.

I haven't had much time to digest the fact that I am going back but it does randomly hit me. Its a bittersweet sort of thing, because I am SO psyched to go back see my family, my new puppy, ELLI, my friends from home and uni, but at the same time I DON'T WANNA GO.

I love my grandma's cooking, my aunt and uncle who are completely hilarious and I don't know what I'll do without my cousin Ravi who is basically my life coach.
I don't want to leave leave leave, there is so much more to do in London, there is so much more to see in the UK, in EUROPE! But mostly, I don't want to go back to reality. Summer is always a tough point for me because I have time to think, and when I think I realize I'm not so sure about my life. I'm not sure how much I am genuinely interested in pursuing a career in Environmental Science.

Anyways, so I woke up at 9am, lying on Lisa's floor (roomy from Canada living in central London till August) and these thoughts plus tons of others (boys, fam, work, etc.) came back into my silly head.
Then out of no where I just started to sing:

ITS MY LIFE, and its now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live my kinda life, CUS ITS MY LIFE, my heart is lik an open highway, blabla I DID it MY way, I just wanna live my kinda life, cus its my life.

So yeah. The thoughts disappeared after that. I guess I'll just sort it out when the time comes. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

For the record I hate bon jovi.