Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A funny thing happened today. I'm walking to class and there are two girls standing on either side of the pathway with blue papers in their hands.
Clearly they are handing out flyers to persuade people to vote for whoever they are supporting. Anyways, I look at those flyers and think, "Jeez thats stupid."
Both of the chicks see me looking at their papers and mistake my irritation for interest.
They approach me.

The closest one to me smiles and says, "mumble, mumble, vote for bla, mumble,"

In which I reply, "thats a waste of paper," and walk on.

As I am walking I realize that... I perhaps didn't phrase what I meant to say in the appropriate manner...

I didn't mean to say, "thats a waste of paper because your person is shit"

What I meant to say was, "people are obviously going to throw that little dumb flyer out and not even look at it, the whole idea is a complete waste of paper."

Hahaha woops.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Humane society

The other day my dog decided to be an a-hole.
He snarled and tried to bite me for absolutely no reason.
I was pissed, so I got up to leave him... as I was walking away I could feel his eyes on me so I whipped around and gave him the finger.
Just as this happened, my dad walked by and saw me staring angrily at Ralphie with my middle finger extended.
He laughed.

I've hit a whole new kind of low.