Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am NOT a food blogger...and this might be why.

One day a couple weeks ago I decided to make a batch cupcakes. It was my friends birthday after all and what better way to celebrate one's birth than by spoiling them with baked goods.

I had made chocolate cheesecake cupcakes before, for another dear friends celebration and received wonderful reviews. I decided I would go with that recipe since it gives the illusion that a lot of effort has been put into making it..when really its quite simple.

How simple?

Cream cheese, confectioners sugar, chocolate chips and chocolate cake mix. All accessible ingredients at your neighborhood grocery store.

On this day, I realized I did not have chocolate chips and was without a car. I could walk over but then I would be wasting all that precious baking time and the cupcakes might not cool quickly enough. I decided to opt for hot chocolate powder mix. A decent substitute for the cream cheese part I thought, still chocolatey.. no chips but nonetheless, chocolate.

As I churned the cream cheese with the confectioners sugar and hot chocolate powder, I began to realize another mistake in my steps -- I did not wait for the cream cheese to go to room temperature. Despite my efforts with the electric mixer, this fatal flaw caused the cream cheese to lump up. Because these lumps were not properly mixed, they did not contain the chocolate powder, so the mixture turned out brown with white lumps..

I shrugged thinking when it baked it would maybe melt and probably be fine. So I carried on.

I started to spoon one part chocolate cake mix (followed the steps on the box) and then on top, 1/3 part cheesecake mix (cream cheese, confectioners sugar and hot chocolate powder).

I will admit, I got a little carried away, not accurately calculating how much of these mixes I was actually putting in. Only at the end, did I notice, I had not made the full 24 but instead 16 cupcakes. Oh well, so they'll be large! And with that, I popped them in the oven.

Exactly 23 minutes later I went to check on them only to find that they looked like this:

Over sized, mutant chocolate cupcakes with disgusting brown/white matter sinking through the chocolate cake. Whats more, is when I cut one down the middle of one, I realized that indeed the lumps had stayed to form and sort of to resemble vomit.

They tasted alright once you got past the visual aversion.

So I give you my vom-cupcakes. Apparently it is possible to mess up the most simple recipe in the world.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And I'm Like Forget You

So I've been watching American Idol for exactly 1 hour and that Ceelo song is on constantly, and might I add, super catchy. In fact every time I hear it I get secretly excited because I think I've learnt all the words. Anyways, I'm hanging out, judging the contestants, feeling like one myself and suddenly the phone rings. I take a quick look at the caller ID to see if the person on the line is worthy of my time. It says UWO, so I figure, its my lil sis!

Side Note:
When my sister and I talk on the phone, we often either, a) pretend to be someone else for the first minute (usually unsuccessfully), or, b) be complete idiots.

I pick up the phone deciding that I will probably belt out, "I see you drivin' round town with the guy I love and I'm like, FORGET YOU "
But then decide, I will probably be silent till she gets confused, wonders why someone isn't answering the phone, and then catch her off guard when she says, "Hello??"

So I wait...1...2....3......4.......5....6....7.... (silence...er why isn't she answering??!)...8...9...10...
I wait for 15 seconds to pass and decide, CLEARLY she needs a prompt, so I whisper, verrrrry in a creepy tone, "hello," WITH NO intonation of a question, just merely a statement, hello. As in, hello, I've been waiting for you.

LOW AND BEHOLD it was NOT my sister on the other line, it is, "A student from the University of Western Ontario, calling to notify..." BLARRRRRRRRRRGH. I hang up and die of embarrassment. Good thing I didn't start with the song!

Monday, February 7, 2011

post internship, pre travel plans

I check my email frantically each day
Alas, nothingness comes in threes ..and seventeens.