Tuesday, March 6, 2012

words of wisdom much needed

Now, as for the "what am I gona do?" -- welcome to my life. I'll tell you what you're gona do. You're gona come home and ask me that question while I ask you that same question. Listen, you've been working on this adventure away from home for almost a year. You'll be allowed some down-time to figure stuff out. We'll job hunt together, and do what poor ppl do for entertainment after we find out what that is.
- @MonaBesharati

After being sick, homesick and finding out some crap news about my potential future academic life - I needed to vent. The above response is what I got. I know its crap of me to complain when I have a pretty good gig here, but I'm glad I have friends who will still console me when I'm being a brat.
Thanks mo.