Sunday, December 21, 2008

give me your eyes, i need the sunshine

I hate surface talk. Its the worst during the break when you see your famjam/cousins etc.

like, I've had some great convos, but the worst are the ones where they drill you on your school life, what you aspire to be, whyy you are in the program you are in etc. Its like being in a job interview except without the excitment. Its just so redundant.
Me and my sister always joke about it, so we've decided to start making stuff up.
Shes pretty smart, my sister. Whenever someone asks, she says, "I wanna be a fire woman." The person laughs (clueless to whether shes serious or not), and inevitably drops the subject. ha its completely perfect.

But honestly. Can't stand surface talk. I mean I get, it. Lets all be polite etc. I just wish peeps would ask me more relevant stuff, stuff that actually defines me. Like, who is/are your idol(s). What are your top five bands/artists? If you could either live in L.A. or New York, which would you choose? When its hot, and you are driving in your car, do you turn on the AC or open the windows? Do you like rollercoasters? What is your very favorite thing about winter? (other than candy cane ice-cream ofcourse).


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Nate said...

It gets me pumped. Like Hulk Hogan pumped. I jump. I pace. I feel like I can do things I have no business trying.

It has been my pre-exam psych up song for the last 4 years.

if i can take the fire out from the wire