Monday, December 29, 2008

"___(blabla)___ more than the average bear."
has anyone heard this saying?
i have.
The first time is when my friend and I were having a deep and serious convo and she said,
"I know I cry more than the average bear but ___(bla)___"
...I just burst out laughing.. I was completely puzzled and amused by her statement, especially considering the solemn nature of our chat.

I heard it again today when my cousin used it. I asked him to elaborate, and this was his response:
"Stephen Colbert says that bears are the number 1 threat in America, so they are quite relevant as a reference point"

...on a side note, when I was in Banda Aceh in Indonesia on the island coast, a sun bear came and snatched a chicken from our neighbors like ten feet away from us. Seoow weird... Are bears the number one threat in Indonesia?

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