Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i've decided to be more brown.. er indian. It hit me after i randomly started humming a tune and, in the midst of trying to figure it out, came across this vid of madonna (FROZEN)... hahaha remember this??

Anyways. I'm pretty sick of my mom calling me a "coconut" i felt way more attune with myself when i was in Malaysia this past summer.. there's just a totally different energy there. Way more relaxed, mmm and everyone just seemed really content. Doing whatever really. But on the forreals, there were like temples everywhere. And mini temples inside people's shops and in front of their was really interesting. (ya i took this photo, wadup)

I remember I told this to my Buddhist friend from England who was also in Malaysia with me for a bit. His response was kindof annoying, but somewhat true. He said,--(in a really posh british accent)-- Yeou peopow, buoy yo mini Buddha stachews to furnish yeo homes because it makes yeo feel "zen," das not what its abouut, yeou see wot im sayinnn??

I think I'm ACTUALLY gonna become spiritual. I just dono where to start...maybe get a tattoo? (hahahaha)

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Elli said...

your british speak kills me...
def get a tattoo