Friday, January 16, 2009

Today was kind of funny.

I read this "interactive pre-departure workbook" the exchange office gave me at my orientation ages ago. The first page asks, "Why do I want to go?" with a bunch of bullet points underneath. I initially scoffed (ha-ha) and turned the page.. but then reconsidered, and started to fill it out. It asked me all kinds of questions, Are you a risk taker? How do you deal with uncertainty? What do you want to accomplish?
oooh... what do i want to accomplish? That's a heavy one. I read the blurb under it and it said something like, 'eat new foods?' So obviously, eager to fill out the list completely, i made my first point - try new foods. I sat, for a good while, trying to think of different things that didn't resemble what I had already jotted down for the section"why do I want to go," then suddenly I was flooded with ideas.
Be more independent, find myself, get a better picture of what i want to do for a career, determine if i could potentially LIVE in Europe when I'm older, network?, grow!
I sat looking at my list. Smiling. Then realizing, how is it possible, such a silly book caused me to ask myself the most simple and obvious questions one would have about any situation?

...Is it just me that is so short sighted? Or can i blame society for doing this to me. Well, if possible, I'd like to blame MTV.

I need to become more goal oriented. 'EYE ON THE PRIZE' and all that... now if i could only determine what that 'prize' is, oh and of course, if anyone has any hints as to how one would go about finding themselves, that would be great thanks.


Lisa said...

stop looking, then you'll find yourself :)

Nate Smith said...

Read this:

But srsly. The Fountainhead is amazing, it'll change your life.