Thursday, February 19, 2009

"The People's Dictionary"

Today I had a tutorial for my Philosophy of Film class. We were discussing a reading, and this one girl who was trying to prove her point, kept using the word 'irregardless'..."irregardless of that fact, he still blablabla (etc).".... She said the word almost 3 times while taking her stance and I immediately stopped listening to her and started to wonder if the word "irregarless" actually IS a word in England (I had to question it b/c they spell 'skepticism' -->'sceptisim' and I was completely thrown by that). Anyways I went home and and then it, and NO 'irregardless' is NOT a word in England. Nor is it anywhere else.


Ryan said...

Have you ever watched "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?" There's a whole episode on the pseudo-word "irregardless." Pretty funny.

Elli said...

i love you more than anything in this world..