Monday, May 4, 2009

i know we suffer for fashion orrr whateverrr

Do people really like what they say they like/love&live? Or is it all just for fashion?

It just annoying when I meet people and am completely disappointed by them and their lack of actual real passion in what they claim to love&live.

And I mean, I don't care if you aren't into what's fashionable (eg: electro music), or just have a slight interest or EVEN, oh hey that songs good, its catchy, I like it...But to act like it (whatever it may be) is your whole entire meaning for existence or something... is kinda ridiculous.

But then again, it could be because I'm in Leeds which is a major student town where the people are quite trendy. Theres no 'hipster' here. Its more like.. people just dresses that way because its whats in style. Sidenote, 'vintage stores' have seriously cashed in on this, charging 20 bucks for a shirt you could find for 4 from value village.

I think where the confusion lies, is that from what I'm used to seeing in Canada, -- as horrible as it sounds-- listening to indie music CAN come with a look.
Here, (some bars atleast) its kindof like people dress indie-ish/hipster-ish, cus its trendy, then say they like indie music, also for fashion.

I have been to quite a few bars with really good music& a good crowd, but I have a funny story that has to do with what I mentioned above.

So I go to a so-called indie bar andd umm they were playing pretty crap stuff. Like.. Oceans Avenue by Yellowcard from when I was 16 or something... So I got sick of the blast from the past and asked the DJ to play Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Cus hey, lets be honest, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a crowd pleaser and they are pretttty popular, so I was confident with my request.. "Date with the night" comes on, I look around and about 4 people are screaming "WOOP!!" in excitement. The rest who, were previously singing along to the oldschool poprock music just looked confused. Heavily tattooed, and confused. Hahaha, it was really strange.

Don't worry Yellowcard, I still be "sleepin all day and stayin up all, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight"

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