Sunday, May 10, 2009

one thing i did today (4luke)

Today I was walking to school and I saw some flowers. I said to myself, hmm if I was a flower, what flower would I be? I WANT to say daisies because Meg Ryan said that daisies are her favorite in "you've got mail." She says they are "the friendliest flowers." BUT mostly I just want to be associated with that movie because sometimes I wish that I too owned a childrens bookstore that went under because of a stupid impersonal big bookstore corporation called FOX (f-o-x). It would give me another reason to hate The Man whilst -in an ironic twist- I chat with him via old school AOL dial up internet connexxionnesss (its french, dont worry about it).
Anyways after thinking about this for a good 2 minutes I realized the fate of my hypothetical situation has already been decided. Duh 'saffron.'

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luke said...

i got my mom some flowers for mother's day.