Saturday, November 14, 2009

i guess that would make me... sandra bullock (ew)

YESTERDAY I was on the greyhound and we are basically in Toronto, still kinda on the highway (dont ask me which one.. something with a 4 in it probably) and theres a lil announcement from the bus driver thats all, "the reason we are going so slow is because the transmission wont get out of first"
sOooOo i don't really know what this car lingo means (transmission? first?) but i grasp that we probs aren't going to be going 2fast2furiously as we head in.

AND THAT'S WHEN IT OCCURRED TO ME that MAYBE just MAYBE this is some sort of scheme that some dude who wants a ransom or something set up in the bus so that it blows up - SIMILAR TO the movie SPEED who stars Keaneouau Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

Seo... I'm trying to remember how this movie ends just in case I am right and the bus driver stops in front of union station- and then says - "I'M SORRY, i cant let you off the bus... it wont go into neutral so i can't take my foot off the brakes"


It was kinda funny though, espesh cus I was listening to this chick talk to her friend on her celly about "how crazy is this? like woahzaza, im going to be so late to meet the president and then watch the hills, bloohbleeblabla. lyf sux etc."

ANYWAYS we get to the other main bus docking place, and life is wine, its all sorted out with the help of another bus driver dude, and i am free to continue on with my journey to be reunited with my dog RALPHIE.....and I GUESS the rest of my famjam.

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luke said...

true story: rakhee originally thought TOM CRUISE starred in speed! imagine!