Sunday, December 6, 2009

CHAI TEA.... :|

Elli has a chai tea latte mix from starbucks and makes it at home all the time. Usually she makes me a cup but lately shes been strategically brewing it ONLY when I'm in my room or not in the house because she secretly despises me for my charm and good looks and hates sharing all the lovely chai good-ness. What a bitch. Jokes. grrls4lyffff :|

So anyways, to spite her I decided to make my own chai. HOME BREWED though, none of this starbucks garbage.

I look in my cupboard and inspect all the spices my mom gave me in zip locked bags. I vaguely recall the stuff my Grandma in England used to put in the indian chai tea she made on the stove, seooo I decided I'd ad-lib it and hopefully make Elli jealous.
So im simmering some water, some milk, a tea bag (ha), some cinnamon, sugar and some cardimum. Then I see this one shaker in a zip locked bag. I dono wHAT this stuff is, but it smells pretty right and it looks like something my granny used to put in so I'm lik YEAH live and let LIvvEe (or whatever) and throw it in...
Then I start to wonder... what was that?
So I open it and take a bit of a closer look. It looks lik pepper but doesn't SMELL like pepper.. or does it?
"Elli, whats this look like to you?"
"But what does it SMELL like?"
"No, it couldn't be..."
"Taste it?"
(I taste it)
"Yep its pepper"


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