Thursday, December 10, 2009

winter BOOTS

I have a lot to say about fashion but I hold back in fear that this would turn into one of those weird fashion blogs that quote a million different designers no one can afford. Oh and I don't want to come off like some sort of "expert" although... I clearly am one.

I guess I am also scared you will steal my personal sense of style... but since I can't find an amazing pair of these in the ladies section and have already bought a pair of witch/beatlejuice shoes....

I will give you this. My gift to you, I guarantee it IS 'cool.'

Military boots.

For men & women. LIKE these Tim Hamilton ones:

I'm really frustrated I can't find girl versions of these shoes and have literally been on the prowl for a pair for the past two winters.
The closest I've come are these Frye boots:

These are stupidly expensive and quite uncomfortable and I dono if its just me, but all that faux "rocker chic" studding is a bit tacky.


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