Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And I'm Like Forget You

So I've been watching American Idol for exactly 1 hour and that Ceelo song is on constantly, and might I add, super catchy. In fact every time I hear it I get secretly excited because I think I've learnt all the words. Anyways, I'm hanging out, judging the contestants, feeling like one myself and suddenly the phone rings. I take a quick look at the caller ID to see if the person on the line is worthy of my time. It says UWO, so I figure, its my lil sis!

Side Note:
When my sister and I talk on the phone, we often either, a) pretend to be someone else for the first minute (usually unsuccessfully), or, b) be complete idiots.

I pick up the phone deciding that I will probably belt out, "I see you drivin' round town with the guy I love and I'm like, FORGET YOU "
But then decide, I will probably be silent till she gets confused, wonders why someone isn't answering the phone, and then catch her off guard when she says, "Hello??"

So I wait...1...2....3......4.......5....6....7.... ( why isn't she answering??!)...8...9...10...
I wait for 15 seconds to pass and decide, CLEARLY she needs a prompt, so I whisper, verrrrry in a creepy tone, "hello," WITH NO intonation of a question, just merely a statement, hello. As in, hello, I've been waiting for you.

LOW AND BEHOLD it was NOT my sister on the other line, it is, "A student from the University of Western Ontario, calling to notify..." BLARRRRRRRRRRGH. I hang up and die of embarrassment. Good thing I didn't start with the song!

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