Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the Kitchen

Initially when I moved into my accommodation here in Leeds, I did not like it. I somehow managed to make a mess and choose a privately owned international residence instead of a university residence. So it was annoying, not living as close to the uni and using the bus etc. but now I've really come to love it here.Its really diverse. There are people from India pursuing their SECOND MBA (and shes my age..) and doing gaming design, a girl from Czech doing film, Switzerland doing law, Manchester doing Chinese.

Its great. Its INTERESTING. I learn a LOT everyday and have made pretty hilarious friends. One of them is Micheal. My neighbor.

Micheal is from Poland, and a little clueless, but not in a rude way, just in a very funny way. He's never lived away from home and actually lost 15 pounds when he got here just because he was no longer eating his mothers cooking. He often goes to Morrisons (the grocery store) and buys RANDOM packages of anything. Then makes these strange, sometimes not thoroughly cooked meals.

Yesterday he bought this lentil mix with oatmealish stuff and beans in it. The instructions read to empty it into a bowl, add a cup of water and leave it for 24 hrs. So he did. Today while I was eating cereal and chocolate milk, he comes in and starts looking through the trash
"You can have some of my cereal Micheal... you don't have to look through the trash for food"
"I can't find my package!! It has the instructions! I don't know how to cook this?!"
"What is it?"
"I don't know. I don't remember, I just liked the colors"

This is Micheal.

So this strange MEALie sort of stuff has actually grown in the past 24 hours, its absorbed the water and today there is a big bowl full of it. Micheal is desperately trying to remember WHAT it was supposed to be, then decides, he must boil it as it is clearly soup.

"Are you sure? Soup? It doesn't seem like it.. maybe just drain it and cook it with rice and spices in a pan?"
"NO its a soup, I'm 60% sure. I haven't had soup in a very long time, I think that's why I bought it... Yes, definitely soup, I remember now."

At this point, everyone in the kitchen is beginning to tease Micheal, but he won't have it, "how can you make fun of a hungry man, that is shameless"

I went back to see how his soup was and he smiled and said, "its turned out great!" .......

He was also cutting what looked to be like a very large potato, only to find that it was orange on the inside.
"Oh, its a SWEET potato!"
"So, I guess I don't add salt to it then?"


Ryan said...

Rakhee, I'm am completely jealous with the life you lead. Your friends sound hilarious.

luke said...

how will she follow this one up i wonder??????????