Friday, March 27, 2009

Department of Eagles

Every morning for the past week I've woken up at 7.30 am to the sound of my little 8yr old cousins voice saying, "doooont do it, dooont do it" in a funny voice. At dinner time he said, "hey rakhee, did you hear something weird this morning while you were sleeping?" and I said, "Yeah. Why were you saying that??" and he said, "I dont know, I think it sounds cool."
Hahahahaa. He's so random.

I've been at my uncles in Great Dunmow, a mini village-type town in England, working in his pharmacy. Of course I am the clumbsiest/most usless staff member on the team, constantly asking people to repeat what they are asking for, looking for the meds on all the wrong shelves, giving people money back and saying, "you're change is 78 cents" (its supposed to be pence). Then they say, "OH cents! I should hope not!" or something lame like that. Oh and I've probably put stuff infront of the cash machine lik 8 times and forgotten about it. Then when I ring peoples items through, and the cash drawer flings out, all the stuff I put infront of it goes flying on the floor. BUT on the bright side I haven't broken anything yet.

Anyways, I've have a lot of time to think when its not busy. ANDDDD what I've noticed is that I often pick up phrases that other people use repeatedly and incorporate them into my vocab. For instance, with this girl at the pharmacy named Claire. She asks 'is that right' after everything you say. Annnd she also says, 'thats it' when you get something right. I like it. So now i keep sayin it...Oh and i love to say, "I reckon" which I've picked up from my lovely Australian friend Emily. AND "ya'll" from my friend Christina from Texas. Anyways, I've done it so many times in the past with people and I've realized I'm like a giant mish mash of other people's characaters. It reminds me of this thing my drama teacher used to say about 'trying your character on'

I just keep wondering if people ever melt into me? Or, try me on. Is there a me to really melt into.. or am I a melt of like 3904839 other people.. aka, if you melt into me you are melting into all the people I've melted into?

you feel me?

p.s. its easter break - i have 4 weeks off- been with family for one week, going to italy tomorrow for 2 weeks then back with family in London when I get back.

oh italy. "Ho fame."


ariane said...

I think it's inevitable to pick up on certain things. Like I've noticed when I'm with each of my roommates I talk a certain way- and then we're all together we all talk the same way. It's weird. That kid sounds kind of cute. Department of Eagles= neat band!

Ryan said...

Rakhee, I have been waiting anxiously for an update, checking back here every other day haha. Your story did not let me down. My brother acts in a very similar way to your cousin. He likes to scream "FIRE!!" I wake up, obviously in a panic and then have to chase him around the house. Children..LKSJFDLKLf hahah.

Why are you living with your family, not that it's a bad thing? I thought you were staying in that international residence? What up?

I find myself adopting other people's lexicon all the time haha and yes, like Ariane, it's usually my roommates. When we all first started living with each other way back when, we noticed these little mannerisms, and now- we're all guilty of them. Weird how that happens eh.

Keep us posted on your UK adventures, I love reading the updates!