Thursday, April 23, 2009


Theres too much pressure to write about italy.

Anways, I have been blessed with hella good luck here in ol blightly and its making me remember what this palm reader told me in Bangkok.
I'm starting to think I shouldn't have gone to the palm reader because random stuff happens and then I remember his 'premonitions' andd get mega freaked out because I realize he's right.
BUT is he right? OR is it, just you know, coincidence? And if he IS, then that must mean that everything he said about my life will actually occur? aka 2 children, married when 30, does not use the science background I will have attained for my future job, married to a business man, only gets good luck when i move away from home. etc, etc (there is more defining stuff but its secret)

AND if he isn't right (if this is all a big cowinky dink) but I still have in my head that he is... will I subconsciously make decisions to match his premonitions then write a book about it & my travels? (book may or may not be similar to Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert....Hahahaha)


luke said...

whoa jeez rak rub your charmed life in all of our faces why don't you

luke said...

jk, i'm happy for you, don't let your computer's mood swings get you down.