Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From the Start

Our luck was umm DECENT until we got to Rome. Not the best, but it still made the whole trip a massive adventure. Anddd the fact that Sara and I are quite incapable of planning.. and making decisions sortof added to it haha but in a good way.
I guess I'll start from the beginning. Venice. We got off the plane and it was raining. RAINING. Stupid England was following us. BUT we refused to let the rain ruin our first day (formally known as The Beginning To the Rest of Our New Lives).

So we wandered around beautiful, lovely, quaint -minus the infinite number of tourist shops- little Venice. We enthusiastically practiced the few Italian phrases we had memorized and tried our hardest NOT to be mistaken for tourists.. which is quite stupid seeing as anyone who comes to Venice is a tourist. It was really great trying to communicate in Italian because everyone replied in Italian (unlike in Rome and Florence where I would order something in Italian and they would respond in English knowing I'm not from there. At least play along!)

The rain finally cleared up and it
was perfetto (that means perfect in Italian, just in case you didn't know). We bought cakes and wine and sat on a dock and watched boats go by.

Some favorite moments:

-The men that drive...steer (?) the Gondolas, that constantly question , "Gondola, Gondola, Gondola????" as you pass by. Haha. no. No Gondola for me. Its too expensive. Sara and I stuck to the 50 cent one that just goes from one side of the dock to the other and the water buses.

-Waking up to this in the morning:

-Piazza San Marco. Sara and I LITERALLY gasped when we saw it. It was just so startling because we were following our friend, not paying much attention to where we were headed, and then BAM you are in this massive square with this beautiful building that is like BREATHING or something. Its just so stunning and unexpected.

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