Friday, May 22, 2009

the national -> all the wine = ultimate, 'just finished an exam' song

WOOP. I finished 2 of my 4 potentially life altering exams yesterday. One exam was worth 100 percent of my mark and the other 70. Yikes.
AKA its time to go out and celebrate. So I did.

OK so background info- at a Motown bar (which is the best kind), dancing, etc.. ok:

I had to go to the bathroom, so I go downstairs, and there are two doors. I look at the first one, and it does not look like a woman. Usually the woman's dress is accentuated to symbolize, 'hey this is me, I am a woman and I wear skirts, come pee here.'

So I go to the next door, which has a buncha stickers over it. By process of elimination I decide this is the womans bathroom and go in.

Its weird in there. There are only 2 stalls, and no mirrors. Im a bit perplexed but, whatever, soooo yeah I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for almost 5 minutes, trying to look under the stall to see wtf is going on .....and then a BEARDED MAN comes in HA.

He looks at me and quickly turns around and leaves (thinking he had made the mistake), BUT no, he turns back around to face me.

I say, "Umm.. wait is this the mens bathroom?"
He replies, "err yeah....."
"Oh.. Woops"

Once I got into the womans bathroom life made sense again, there were lots of mirrors, and millions upon millions of stalls. I guess in retrospect that weird metal looking thing on the wall was probably a urinal, but it seriously didn't occur to me because I just thought it was a new wave hand washy fountain type things hahahahaha HEY I'm not frequently exposed to urinals so, its possible you (if you are a female) would have thought the same thing.


Elli said...


did you wash your hands at the new wave hand washer?

ariane said...

ahahha. That is amazing. One time a friend and I went into a man bathroom because neither were marked nd on opposite sides of the bar. We had only seen this side so we went in.. and were all 'oh maybe it's a co-ed bathroom?'. Luckily we were the only ones in there and 5 minutes later learned the truth.