Thursday, May 21, 2009

POW: tribute to some fwends via the united kingdom

Meet Sara (no 'h')

She swears an awful lot.
Her mom says, "I hope you aren't getting into the wrong crowd"
Sara is the wrong crowd.
Exhibit A. steals wine opener in Italy. Tisk tisk. But at the same time, GOOD CALL.
Exhibit B. Waterbus blagger in Venice & real bus blagger in Florence.

She taught me the phrase "Pash Rash"--when you M.O. with someone with a beard
I taught her the phrase, "you're the boss apple sauce," but it doesn't rhyme when she says it because of her Aussie accent.

She is a frequent practitioner of unnecessary text messaging to boys. She has no fear of running the risk of looking like a crazy. We should all not learn something from this.

Speaks fluent French when drunk.

She said, 'who is this band, theyre good.' I said, 'THE NATIONAL-AKA FAV BAND.' --aka Sara and I are now in love.

Says things like, "im quivering with anticipation."

Didnt bring any form of technology with her to England, seoo, when busy not studying, can often be found between the hours of 12-3pm in the same computer clusters at the downstairs the Parkinsons building.

Has never been to the library.. Except to take out a book on my behalf. P.S. Thanks, I returned it on time.

When watching 'Pink Floyd- Live in Pompeii' at our lovely couch surfers place in Italy, I said, 'I just wish I could dive into that magma.' She said, 'I just wish I could dive into those colors.'
Hers is way better.

She survived the Roma Earthquake of '09 with me.
We also survived being stood up by a creepy couch surfer in Florence. Weird.

She wears thermals. ALWAYS. Its too cold for her in any country other than Australia.

Her dog is named Boosh. After the Mighty Boosh.

We met whilst watching Scrubs, which coincidentally was foreshadowing for Rome, where our two couch surfers turned out to be the Italian equivalents of JD & Turk... Filippo & Marco haha

Can be found in a leather jacket and a plaid scarf. She may or may not be wearing her traveling hat depending on the distance of our journey.

Has been to China and France.

See you in Africa Sara. But otherwise, see you in Hamburg, Budapest & Co., and Spain. Or in twenty minutes for a pint?

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