Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Confused

Every time I am forced to listen to the ludicrously repetitive and anti-climatic art form that is hardcore electronic music, I want to hurl into a brown paper bag. Then throw that bag at the closest shirtless male who would inevitably be bopping to it with one arm extended into the air.

Times have changed. When Pink Floyd experimented with electronic music, we got amazingness. Today, the only thing we get when experimenting with electronic music is alcohol and american apparel.

AND another thing: I dislike the label 'electronic music' because its thrown around quite a bit and I have NO idea what people are actually talking about.

Are they talking about influences on a band? Like Handsome Fur's Face Control album?

Are they talking about the Christian Cross..? Or the mister craft..master of crafts?..MSHTRUKFRT???

Or are they talking about the dreaded hard core intense (?)dance(?) music played at large clubs, where you are unsure when the tempo will change, so you dance and sing along (if there are words instead of beepy robot sounds) in this "safe" way --sans extra arm flings or dance embellishment in fear that you may get the next part WRONG?

I'm Confused.

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Elli said...

oh shit, am i supposed to dance sans arm flings and extreme embellishments?