Wednesday, July 22, 2009

its quality not quantity (duh)

I decided to facebook clean.
I wonder how many of my "friends" are actually frivolous.
So far 10 people whose names start with an A.

Do people take offense to this? I'm always wary when deleting people because I get the feeling they either
  • a.) think I really hate them to have gone through all the trouble of deleting them, espesh when its supposedly cool to have tons of fb friends.
  • b.) --for ex's--they think I might super love them and that it tears me up inside to see they're lovely faces and read about their feelings and blooblooblabla.

Effort = care (?)

Dunno, cus like.. Its really not that much effort. You just press 'x'
Its actually rather gratifying knowing you will never have to see another emo note from a someone who is still going through an identity crisis.

Anyways I vow never to talk about fb again. It seems to be taking over the world just like the blackberrys.

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luke said...

i always support this move. about a year ago, i had maybe 300 friends, and deleted over half of them. i continually do so (to the point where it's nearly one deletion for every new one i add). if i were using facebook to keep in touch with people i haven't seen in years and wanted to stay in contact with, it'd be an awful idea. but really since i'm just using to communicate with the friends i actually like and want to see/talk to, it's a pretty good way to keep things clean. my news feed looks much better than it used to.