Sunday, July 5, 2009


I had probably one of the craziest night of my life last night in Madrid. The streets were PACKED with people, essentially it was like going outside and walking into a club.
I loved it, and the people we met at the hostel were so key. SO key. Loves travelling. Loves me some aussies. I think I´m going to move to Australia.

On another note, I forgot how much i missed travelling with Sara. We are huge morons together and feed off each other´s idiocy. For instance, we had a serious conversation about what life might be like if TIME was in a different currency. Oh and this conversation:

"Take the metro or bus? Both look a bit confusing"
"Metro, we are such seasoned travellers, we´ll sort it out"
"Totally seasoned.. like salt and pepper"
"Don´t forget the Garam Masala"
"OHHHH man, we so gots some Garam Masala on us"

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