Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This cabbie KNOWS

Once upon a time I lived temporarily in Penang Malaysia where the food is amazing and cheap and you are able to bargain with the taxi drivers. Despite the whole bargaining thing, I was often overcharged because of my failed attempts at speaking Malay and well.. Penang is small, and there's only one street where people go out in Georgetown..so they kindof knew me. Anyways after a charming and eventful night out, I got in a cab to make my way home. I started to say something like,

"X ringgits? Ok how about X ringgit? COMMON, I'm a student, I'm POOR."

"Exactly my friend, you are a student, you aren't poor at all! You've got knowledge the ability to learn and create. You are RICH."

What a lovely and englightening thing to hear. Especially when slightly intoxicated. Its the type of thing that's found in stories and tales which shed light on MORALS and ETHICS and LESSONS to be learned. However the unexpected profoundness, it put me in my place. Completely. I felt foolish and was speechless. I settled for however many ringgits he wanted to charge me because I knew he was right.

And now, recently graduated, I try to remember what he said that night when I feel despaired or irritated by unsavory feelings about what the FUTURE MIGHT BE. I should be excited noh? Lets get excited.

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