Sunday, July 4, 2010

puppy lobe

On the plane ride home from Cuba, I was fortunate enough to sit in a seat next to two 14? 15? year old love birds. I first saw these cats when I was waiting in the airport boarding area.
The girl was sitting on top of of her boyfriend, on his lap... in front of the girls mother and her mothers friend. I was very confused and laughed because, HA its funny. I mean clearly hormones are the basis of their relationship and the mother didn't really seem to be too disgruntled by this. Cough cough, MTV's 16 and pregnant.

On the flight, these assholes made a mockery of love with their long and flirty gazes at each other as the plane took off, their whispered "I love you's", they're heavy usage of the word "baby," and their constant skin on skin contact. It was strange. I mean they were SO young!!! The boy didn't even know how to fill out his landing card, not to mention, HELLO, I'm sitting right next to you, and your MOMMA is in the row in front of us!

Jeez Louise. I hope I wasn't like that with my gr9 BF back in my gangsta days. Prob not. I was too busy listening to rap music.

Oh, and Cuba was great.

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