Friday, August 27, 2010

Lunch time banter

Yesterday after I had asked my intern buddy a bunch of questions about what its like to be a model (I get most of my information from America's next Top Model), the conversation turned to the strangest compliments we'd ever been given. So here goes:

HER strangest compliment:
"You know, you have a very aristocratic forehead"
"Uh, ok.."
"Its a compliment, in the 17 and1800's it was favorable to have a high forehead because it symbolized one's intelligence and prestige"

MY strangest compliment
"You have really dense eyebrows"
"Errrh... Did you just say dense?"
"Yes, like a lot of eyebrow hairs per cm area, you know? Its a compliment, I swear, I really like them."

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