Thursday, September 2, 2010

bonding time

Yesterday I took my dog for a walk at around 10pm. I was almost at my street when I saw someone emerging out of the shadows headed towards us. It was a girl, and as she got closer she started to talk.. I was so confused.. why was she talking to me? and WHAT was she saying?
All I heard was:

'Why don't we just three way it?'
'Do you want to do a three way??'

I was shocked! I stared at her like she was completely mad! As she slowly passed me, I saw that she was wearing one of those hands-free cellphone majiggers. I had to laugh, because here I am thinking she's asking me something really inappropriate in the dark of night (not to mention, whilst I'm walking my loverly dog) but then I realized, I'm the real perv because she was probably just talking about three-way calling someone.

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Krishna Lemon said...

I didn't even understand what else it could possibly mean other than that hahaha. we are gross.