Saturday, October 2, 2010

fun at Starbucks

Yesterday I was at Starbucks working on my dandy ol' thesis and a man, probably 50ish, buisness-ey looking with blackberry in hand, sat down at the table next to mine. A minute later, a woman, slightlyyyy foreign, done up in make up, heels, and big hair arrived and scanned the room. She approached his table:
"(insert name)?" he said,
"yes," she replied,
"Hi, nice to meet you.. can I get you a drink?"
"Yes sure"
Soo0o after eavesdroppzzin on their conversation for a while, I came to the conclusion that, they were on a blind date! Ha! Interesting. So I floated in and out of thesis-ness and listening to them talk about their jobs, what they are up to and other boring random chit chat. Then, nearing the end of their Starbucks coffee date, the woman got up to go to the washroom. She took like, maybe less than a minute, and when she went back to the table, the man said,
"Wow that was quick, usually with woman you are waiting for 10 - 15minutes!"
"No, not me! I'm very quick!"
"Hahaha, yes that was fast, are you that fast with everything?!"
"Yes, thats me, fast, fast, fast"
"Well, you know, some things in life are better slow than fast"


anyways the woman replied, "hahaha, yes" and clearly did not catch on AT ALL to his sexual inuendo. Atleast I think it was sexual inuendo...

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