Friday, November 19, 2010

Opening night! Sieze the day YA'LL!

We just had our opening night and it went FANTASTIC. I am COMPLETELY elated! Our pace, our energy, EVERYTHING was on point. I'm SO friggin happy I actually did this, its really been a growing experience for me and made me realize how much I LOVE acting. The response from the audience was great as well, and they seemed very theater savvy. YAY!!!

I've officially decided that, if there is anything I ever want to do, or try, or apply for, I'M JUST GOING TO DO IT. You can't think about the negative.. Ya know, that little voice in your head that's freaking out saying, 'but what if I fail?' because you'll go NO where. I tried out for this play and I got a part and its been an amazing adventure. I have no regrets whatsoever. If I had wimped out then I would have never done this and been so happy.

And sure, I have put this whole, "just do it" thing into action, and failed (that transat vacationer video audition), but I don't even mind that it didn't work out. And you know what, weirdly enough, the whole thing was sort of a boost to my confidence, cause in my head...I am actually really proud of what I put together. I figured out how to edit all that stuff on iMovie, which I've never used before, and I created a video! In like, absolutely no time either! And of course me and Mona had a lovely time at the market, drinking wine and eating food! Anyways, I'm sure its going to be a bit hard to stick to this whole, "go for it, carpe diem etc" attitude, but I'm really going to try.


Emily said...

Same reason I named my blog 'I've always wanted to'.

Also, congrats on success of opening night.

Kaila W. Montanna said...

Congrats dear!!!

Krishna Lemon said...

Congrats rakhs!! Sounds awesome!

Rakhee said...

thanks everyone!