Sunday, November 7, 2010

Juror # 2

I've been really bad about posting on this blog because I've been out of this world crazy busy. I have an internship, a job and on top of that I got a part in a play at the community theater a while back. I literally have free time on Tuesday nights, thursday night and sundays after 5. Its not that bad though... I used to complain before when I had too much spare time, I always felt like I should be doing something really productive. I guess thats what happens when you finish university and haven't yet figured out whats next.
Anyways, despite having a full schedule for the past couple months, I am SO glad I was selected to be in this production at the theatre. Its not a huge part, but the play itself is great because every actress is on stage, physcially acting, if not delivering lines, for the entire show. Its called, Twelve Angry Women. Its a re-make of the original, Twelve Angry Men. The play is about 12 jurors who sit in a room discussing a case about a 19 year old boy who is on trial for killing his father. We have to decide on a verdict for the boy, and I play a meek, hesitant 23ish year old who is constantly swayed by the opinions of the other jurors.
AH I love it! I've missed theatre and acting so much. I used to act in highschool, it was so much fun and I really enjoyed "trying characters on" -as my drama teacher used to call it. The whole process of coming to understand your character and developing their history so that you can bring an energy that is dynamic and immediate to a scene is just exhilirating. HA, I hope my current captivation with acting isn't a precursor to the development of a multiple personality disorder!

Here's the trailer for the 1957 version "Twelve Angry Men"

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Krishna Lemon said...

Congrats buddy! play sounds awesome! I would totes come watch if it werent such a long plane ride away! will inbox you my travel stuff soon