Friday, December 24, 2010

made my day

The other day I was at work (retail one) and a family with two little kids came in. I love when parents bring their children into the store because I just chat with them, and no one can really say, "Uh Rakhee, please stop charming that kid and help this woman find an overpriced t-shirt that matches her skin tone."
You'd just sound like the grinch, yah know?

So anyways this kid was looking in the mirror practicing his Taekwondo
, and I said, "Hey, you in Taekwondo?"
"Yeah I was in it too, but when I was younger, not anymore."
"What belt did you get up to?"
"I think I was at blue belt, I did it for a while. What belt are you?"
"Yellow belt! And I have a stripe!"
"Wow that's really good, what do you do for your exam? Have you seen anyone
kick through a plank of wood yet?
" (when I was younger, this feat haunted me)
"Nope, but I have to do front kick, side kick, back kick and ass kick"
"Sorry what? Which kick?"
"Ass kick"
At this point, his father laughing, interjects, "He's not so great with pronouncing that last one, bud its axe kick"
"YEAH that what I said, ass kick!"

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