Monday, March 7, 2011

I've got two sets of headphones and

My friend sent me this and it made me miss music so goddamn much. Headphones strapped on your head, walking home at night with clear skies and beautiful stars kinda music. (Shutup, I just walked my dog.)

I've sort of been going through this phase where I stopped listening to my ipod in public spaces because I felt it disconnected me too much from my surroundings. Sounds stupid and pretentious I know, but I hated that I kept missing these interactions with the people around me. And I know this is creepy --and that you aren't supposed to start a sentence with the word 'and'-- but I also find it really interesting to watch people. To listen to them too.

This doesn't go for everything because I really don't enjoy hearing girlfriends complain about how they 'don't care if their boyfriend calls them back, BUT don't SAY you're going to call then don't' OR young male teens going through a thug-esque identity crises who brag about smoking weed and effing people up.

However people with their phones n music are SO in there own worlds and I just wish they weren't. Perhaps its the same as looking out a window of the bus on the ride home and zoning out but I still think that with ipods and phones you are making a conscientious choice and a decision to cut yourself out of your environment.

I'm not saying everyone should stop listening to their music. In fact I've really begun to miss mine. But lets try and reduce situations where you can't casually say, "g'morning," to someone, without them looking at you blankly as they take an ear bud out, while you explain you were just saying good morning.

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