Wednesday, March 30, 2011

people watching at the library

Yesterday, I was at the library doing some work and sat at a table next to a girl with her laptop open:
As I'm twiddling my thumbs, brainstorming and what not, I get distracted. She has ear buds in and I'm almost certain she is NOT listening to music... sounded more like a low rumble... sort of like some low rumbler guy is talking. So I think, meh maybe shes listening to language recordings or an audio book (man I miss those) and carry on with my people watching. Thing is, I can't help randomly glance in her direction because she keeps giggling to herself and tap tap typing away. I assumed shes on msn or whatever until I see her do this to her computer:
Not an odd gesture to see in the library.. but to shush one's computer? Thats a bit weird noh? AND THEN I hear the pst pst pst through her headphones of a guys voice again, and a giggle from her. She makes a face. And another. Giggle. Face. Oh Em Gee, is she VIDEO CHATTING with someone? One way video chat? You see me, you audibly talk to me, I type back? At the library? In a public SPACE? Anyways I find this all vaguely funny/strange and flash back to this time in uni when I was in a coffee shop attached to the library. I recall sitting down at a table and hearing a guy say, "Hi mom!" I looked up to find a guy gleefully chatting to his computer with his ear buds in. Thats all for now. Bye Mum.

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