Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh Susie.

Theres this woman I know, who shalt not be named. Actually, lets call her Susie just to make things easier.

One day, Susie was on the computer. Susie often uses the computer to watch things on YouTube, usually How-To videos, like How To make a certain Indian dish (hint hint) or How To train your dog. If Susie isn't on YouTube, she is checking her hotmail account as she frequently recieves chain mail from her friends. On this particular day, Susie called out to me,

"Rakhee, what's your cell phone PIN? Its supposed to be 4 digits."

I started to think about it, because I couldn't remember, but then questioned why she was asking me for this information in the first place. I know she doesn't know how to check accounts online. She replied,

"Because, it says I won an iPad 2 and it's asking me for a cell phone number and PIN."

At this point, I run into her room to check the screen. Just as I had presumed, there was a pop-up ad, proclaiming that she had won an iPad 2 because she was the 2093828 person to visit the website.

"Susie, this is a pop up ad...have you already entered my phone number on this?"


4 minutes later I recieved my first spam text msg.

Thanks Susie.

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sara_f1 said...

hahaha, bloody susie