Tuesday, June 28, 2011

its raining cats

Early this morning, around 3 am, I was rudely awakened by my crazy dog barking in our living room. He often sits on a table near the front window and carefully maneuvers the curtains so that he can stare outside at whatever.

I turned restlessly and waited for someone else in my family to deal with him. Sure enough I heard my father go downstairs and immediately went back to bed. Four minutes later (or 7 months in dream land) I heard my dog barking again. I assumed I had just dreamt that my dad gone downstairs so I reluctantly opened my door to tell my dog to shush. Oddly, the hallway light was on, but I continued to the living room. When I got there my dad was, indeed in the room, with my barking dog, looking out the window.

"Ralphy shush, Dad the neighbors will complain," and ushered Ralphy out.

This evening I asked my dad why he stood in the room with barking Ralphy instead of shutting him up.

"I wanted to see what he was looking at"


"It was a cat!"

My dad was incredibly amused by the fact that this cat traipsed around our front lawn, completely unmoved by Ralphy's barking. I was amused that my dad stood there staring at the cat with my dog.

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