Saturday, September 17, 2011

at the hairdressers

I hate hairdresser small talk, you literally can't escape it.

I often go to different hair stylists every time I get my hair cut because I never TRULY like the last person who cut my hair. Trying someone new is also partially guided by the price point I feel comfortable with at that current point of hair distress. So I get a WHOLE lot of small talk each time I climb into a hairdresser's chair. Why is this excruciating? Well obviously because you can't get up and leave. I'm sure that the hair dresser is trying to be friendly but I hate feeling trapped as I am being asked "life questions" (eg/where did you go to school, what do you do, what do you want to do, etc).

Its not even a two way conversation, because more often then not, when I ask what they study, its, "I went to hair salon school" and I'm not going to ask them about their job 'cus they are DOIN' it! So if they hated it or something, its not like they'd tell me whilst snip snipping.

On another note: my recent hair woes are due to where I live (suburbia). Also, when I was in London I went to my very amazing hair constant, Kuba. If you are from/in London (Ontario, that is) and want to get your hair cut, you should go to him at Cocoa Hair Salon on Talbot St.


Elli said...

took the words right out of my mouth - i actually just found a really nice hair dresser and she's probably the sweetest person i've ever met... and its close to my house so you have to visit me if you go!

Emily said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way. I miss Kuba!